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Paul T. -

Josh is one of the best Brokers- an amazing way with marketing properties to get the best value for the seller. There is a vision in Josh that gets a house sold so fast it is truly spec-tacular. You cannot go wrong with Josh on your side.

Dave S. -

Josh managed to close our high end property efficiently and with ease. Would thoroughly recommend him to other sellers. We had a very large home which in this climate is not an easy sell. Josh and his team organized great marketing and a fabulous video which took prospective purchasers through the home as if they were there themselves.

Larry J. -

Josh was highly professional and laid out a strategy weeks ahead of putting it on the mar-ket to sell it in the shortest amount of time and at market price...he did it...and the photo-graphs of the home..interior and exterior..were stunning..of the highest quality...I would recommend Josh to any friend or individual inquiring.

Craig C. -

Josh, was very pleasant to deal with. He was very professional and quick to respond to all our request and concerns. Negotiations went smoothly and with no problems. We have recommended Josh to several of our friends that may be interested in purchasing a home in the area or anywhere else.

Karen D. -

We purchased a high end home thru josh and he definitely helped the process. He was knowledgeable, kind and persistent. We would use his services again.

Steve I. -

Great marketing ......Great negotiator. Very motivated agent, very professional !
What else needs to be said. The guy sold my house for a great price.

MaryLu T. -

We had our house listed for five years without a sale, Josh sold it after marketing It and having the listing for two months. He went above and beyond what most realtors would do to get the sale closed. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a house or looking to sell their house.

Brian H. -

I hired Josh Reef to market my luxury home in Palm Springs because I was impressed with the quality of his marketing materials and because I thought that his firm was ca-tering to the right type of clients for luxury homes. I found Josh and his team to be thor-oughly professional in every step of the sales process. The photographer he used was ex-cellent and all the marketing materials were first class. Josh also communicated promptly and regularly. I received a good offer within 6 weeks of the listing date, and the sale was closed on time with no drama. I would not hesitate to use Josh in the future.

Christina M. -

Josh is very professional and knowledgeable and helped me with my real estate transac-tion very smoothly. He is very client oriented and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He showed me multiple properties and took his time to explain to me and advise me.

Bob F. -

Josh lives and breathes real estate. In addition to being a great person he knows how to bring people together and get the job done! He is the best!

Wendi V. -

If you are looking for the best real estate team to sell your house, look no further! My hus-band and I were blown away by The Reef Team. We had gone two years without a single offer and they brought us an all cash offer in 27 days, at the tail end of the season. They were efficient, professional, dynamic, honest, and also kind and enjoyable to be around. They don’t make excuses, don’t put signs up and don’t do open houses. They use their creative genius and marketing to find you a buyer, rather than hoping one will “show up.” I could go on for days about how impressed we were with them and the people they re-ferred us (lawyer, escrow, etc.). You will never be disappointed with The Reef Team.

Barbara J. -

Josh was so helpful in finding our home.He is knowledge, always responsive, never pushy. He negotiated for some things to be included in the purchase price that we had not thought about. Always professional. We would always recommend him at every oppor-tunity.

Susan I. -

Had a house for sale for one year with virtually no response and only a few showings. Turned listing over to Josh, and he immediately got right on it and sold, AND closed within two months of listing at a very favorable price. Josh is a REAL go-getter. He is an expert in high end properties AND high end buyers!

Brian F. -

Very professional, well connected, proactive and gets the job done! Excellent with digital marketing, professional videos and photos for a superb presentation. Josh has helped me with selling several properties and also brings interesting deals to the table. Recently, he found several opportunities for consideration. I would recommend Josh Reef to anyone looking for a refined level of expertise.

Sam B. -

Josh is an exceptional agent. We have a great professional relationship and have started collaborating together as well. One of his strengths is his branding and marketing ability. He never falls short on marketing any property. He implements his marketing through a lot of digital and social media, which allows so many more eyes to see the homes he is lis-ting or trying to find a buyer for. This is so valuable for buyers and sellers in the real es-tate industry. He has made appearances on my social media as well, where we have dis-cussed things such as why being a demographic expert is important or how to become a media channel to get results. I am confident that Josh would not let you down!

Astrid A. -

You wont find a top notch professional like this high energy individual that operates at lightning speed service when it comes to taking care of his clients needs. He uses cutting edge technology in every way possible to get deals done. His support team is very well known in the Real Estate high end arena and delivers the Results! He is one guy you need on your team when it comes to buying or selling Real Estate of any kind. My highest rec-ommendation is to hire him you wont be sorry.

Whitney A. -

As an escrow professional I appreciate a realtor who takes the time to learn their profes-sion and exceed their clients expectations. I have enjoyed the opportunity to handle transactions with Josh on resale properties, high end luxury homes and even hotels. He always goes above and beyond for his clients making sure the situation is just right for them. With a can do positivity and his finger on the pulse of what is required in today's competitive market, Josh can be of service to all clients who are thinking about selling or buying real estate.

Roseanne F. -

I am a local Realtor from the Palm Springs area in the Coachella Valley. I have been a li-censed agent since 1991. A couple of years ago I met Josh online thru social media and then again thru mutual Realtor friends in the desert. Again, at different Real Estate ven-ues and finally, showing a couple of my listings. Did he leave an impression? Every time. Was he professional? Every time. Is he knowledgeable about his market? Absolutely, very. On point. I look forward to doing a successful deal with Josh. If you are lucky enough to cross paths...make a relationship happen with Josh. He will work hard and show you what a team player is in our industry. Best of Luck!

Bianca R. -

Josh is the epitome of class and professionalism. He is extremely knowledgeable in the real estate world, and a pleasure to work with. He also has a heart for charity and is eager to help how he can which makes him a remarkable human. Josh showed me one of his celeb-rity listings in the Madison Club in La Quinta. It takes a certain kind of professional to work with celebrities, and he handled it all with grace. He knew all the special offerings a celebrity realtor can offer clients, such as night stays and catering. Also, in the process of looking for potential venues for a charity event, Josh has provided numerous options, sent emails and texts and follow ups. He follows through with what he says and I value that.

Alex P. -

Josh is a go getter and always has been. Regardless of the medium be it business or social he makes things happen and delivers for his clients every single time. I highly recommend him to anyone contemplating working with him professionally and know whoever does so will also gain a great friend in the process.

Adam G. -

Ambitious, dedicated and hardworking are just a few words that describe Josh Reef. As a colleague, I am happy to refer him to all my clients who need real estate representation in Los Angeles and the beach cities. Not only does Josh have an immense knowledge of the local market but he has the ability to cater to the particular needs of luxury real estate cli-entele. I wholeheartedly endorse Josh Reef in whichever venture he may be pursuing.

Crista C. -

IRON SHARPENS IRON! My life is better because Josh Reef is in it. Need I say more? Josh is one of the most charismatic and loyal people you will ever meet. Proudly owning the savvy and skill of striking up conversations, Josh is sure to make any client or business associate feel at ease within moments of the first interaction. Trustworthy and the epitome of integ-rity, Josh will not only meet your expectations but he will spearhead a project that takes off like a launched rocket and lands triumphant in a place that puts money in your pocket time after time. Everything Josh touches prospers and succeeds. I provide my most sin-cere recommendation. I not only recommend Josh but literally feel that if you have been lead here to read my words it is a divine message for you, which comes from that little place deep inside that nudges each of us to ward a new thought or direction. It is for the greater good!

Robert H. -

Josh Reef has, under some of my direction and assistance but with his own prodigious en-ergy, ambition and personality succeeded in the high end market with a dozen multi mil-lion dollar listings, half a dozen sales, in addition to running all public relations for Hurwitz James Company, has increased company exposure & brand awareness from social media marketing, a thousand fold, has single handedly interacted with our website people to transform the company site into a major lead generation platform, created novel video content, assisted every other agent in my company with marketing ideas and implementa-tion, and is without question the most generous, team player, and class person who has ever worked for Hurwitz James Company.

Mj R. -

Josh is the ultimate Super Star! He is a go-getter, A-type personality, super friendly, yet professional and knows his industry like no other. I have never seen anyone more hard-working, tenacious and determined in making sure that his clients are taken cared of, while focusing on the bottom line. I can't wait for the opportunity to work with Josh on fu-ture projects.

Nikko L. -

I have had the pleasure of working with Josh Reef on multiple high-end real estate deals including aligning rental property for A-List clientele, locating exclusive properties for Coachella, and engaging Josh to assist in facilitating key relationships in the Los Angeles Area. Josh's impeccable attention to detail and relentless work ethic yield results which far exceed even the highest expectations. I highly recommend him for any high-end real es-tate needs in the Southern California and Palm Desert regions.

Michelle S. -

Josh is an expert at marketing Luxury estates. I haven't met anyone better at utilizing all forms of Social Media to get the word out on his listings. I would highly recommend him for a seller that expects an agent to go above and beyond to get their home sold.

Carol H. -

Josh Reef is 100% energy, enthusiasm, and creativity, and that is what any good sales person needs to be. Tempered by his honesty, ethics, and heart-felt empathy for each cli-ent's situation, Josh achieves that rare combination of passion and compassion. Always being astutely aware that he is dealing with people's lives and livelihoods, Josh keeps his eye on the deal but realizes that real people are involved in the buying and selling of real estate; that it's not just a business, it's where you live. He truly is a rare person, a total gem in the real estate business. We are lucky to have him on our team.

Shannon C. -

Josh has been invaluable in the elevation of our already world class brand. We work to-gether in structuring marketing campaigns, brand development, and negotiation struc-tures on projects in the US and overseas. He has a commitment to his business that I truly appreciate! I know rises early ready to grind for his clients and we spend many nights late discussing strategy for the next day of success. His skills with our public relations and real estate representation stand at the core of the success of our company.

Erin E. -

After closing a ton of deals with seasoned agents over the years, working with Josh was a breath of fresh air. His approach and demeanor is consistent no matter what the stress level is during a tough transaction. I would be honored to work with him again. His energy and commitment to excellence is unparalleled.

Davina P. -

Josh is a powerhouse when it comes to hotel and development marketing strategies. His high level of commitment is inspiring, going above and beyond to connect with your target market, specifically with his vast social media reach. His passion and creativity is conta-gious to everyone he comes in contact with. Josh is the go-to person when in need of inno-vative ideas and an expert problem solver when dealing with marketing your hotel and development real estate. If you are lucky enough to work with Josh on a daily basis, you can identify the positive and focused energy he conveys to any project at hand. I highly recommend Josh to any client or team!

Thierry S. -

Josh is a very resourceful real estate professional with an impressive list of contacts.He capture what the buyer is looking for very quickly with a perceptive psychological sense and seasoned experience. wether in California or Florida he knows the market and his very good at matching the person and the property his recent professional move opens a new era of Josh.

Dominique L. -

When i started looking for a house Josh took the time to drive me around neighborhoods that could fit our requirements in terms of commute for my husband's office and facto-ry.Having recently moved to LA it was extremely helpful to have him show me the various options and we were then able to narrow our search.He was also extremely attentive to the style of house we were looking for and narrowed his search to our briefing so only showing us houses that were potentially working for us.He was also very helpful in man-aging visit hours so my husband could find time within his busy schedule. From my expe-rience in buying real estate in Europe and the USA , Josh is the best.

Dan W. -

Josh is highly qualified, experienced, professional, and dedicated to his clients. I have worked with Josh on several transactions. He is always a pleasure to work with. If you are buying or selling a home you will be in good hands with Josh.

Nicholas H. -

Josh loves what he is doing and it shows in his work. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, helpful and works with integrity. Josh is hard working and detail oriented when he is cre-ating the marketing for his listings and he puts together excellent marketing packages for his listings. He is an ambitious guy who is going to go the extra mile and I can highly rec-ommend him.

Gary T. -

Josh was an absolute please to deal with. always positive and very helpful. i would rec-ommend him. he was on time and had a great knowledge of the home and the area.

Steve M. -

I had the chance to work with Josh as a client for quite some time. Josh is a great individu-al to work with and is very passionate about his business; always willing to take the next step to ensure his clients experience success. His careful attention to detail is one of the major attributes that I notice and respect about Josh. Truly a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend working with Josh in any setting.

Desiree O. -

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Josh. He is very passionate as the Direc-tor of Public Relations at Hurwitz James Company and it comes across in his work. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Josh personally, during which I have seen him not only excel at the core elements of his job, but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of his role, like marketing and event planning. This rare mix of ambition, great work ethic and productivity explains why everyone loves working with Josh.

Cindy G. -

Josh is a young entrepreneur professional who is driven and self-motivated. He works hard and you can certainly count on him to get the job done! I recommend Josh for any opportunity that he is presented with.

Tonya S. -

Josh is highly intelligent! He is top cabin and understands the ins and out of luxury. He has Marketing down and stays ahead of the curve giving his clients the upper advantage. Josh is a whip and well respected in his field, making him the best choice for any seller, buyer or investor.

James P. -

Josh is a total professional and one of the best standouts in the International luxury Real Estate market. His integrity and ability to negotiate is impressive whilst his marketing is a leader in his field. I also enjoy having a mutual clients and highly recommend Josh.

Marcus A. -

Josh Reef is one of the most determined individuals I have ever met in the real estate in-dustry. His positive attitude is infectious with his go-getter mentality, and so working with him as a Member of The Pinnacle List has been an absolute pleasure. Josh’s ability to ele-vate the awareness of his brand and sell luxury listings in an increasingly competitive glo-bal market is a tremendous asset for any sales team. With his resolute commitment to de-liver successful results by architecting unique marketing strategies, I highly recommend Josh to any professional or client who is looking to catapult their business to the next level.



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